Episode 14: Utilization of Client Values


In this episode, I discuss the importance of using clients’ values to aid in obtaining successful therapeutic outcomes. Too often therapists forget that each client has a unique set of values that, when explored, can give him or her enormous resources to pull from to aid in healing. By being open to investigating and using these resources, we can assist our clients in finding surprising ways to navigate and move beyond the inevitable struggles in life.


  1. Thanks Paul. I’ve shared this on Our Ericksonian Learning Community group on Facebook.
    We have found an other compementary way of utilising values.
    Fernando Flores claimed that “A breakdown is only a breakdown because there is a committment in the background”. We have translated this into “A problem is only a problem because there is a concern or value in the background”. When we ask a client “What is it about this problem that is particularly problematic to you?” than can then articulate their concern or value and this has the effect of reframing the situation. “I’m defective because I have this problem” transforms into “I’m a good person because I have this value”.

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