Episode 26: Lynn Johnson Interview

In this episode Dr. Lynn Johnson is interviewed. Lynn received his Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology. In 1984, he organized The Brief Therapy Center in Utah and it became an internationally known center for research and training in solution-focused treatment. Lynn has trained therapists in positive psychology and rapid treatment and coaching techniques from all over the world and was instrumental in creating solution-focused counseling techniques that have influenced thousands of therapists. He also has applied solution-focused tools in his consulting work with various organizations. Lynn has written four books and over thirty articles and pioneered the use of measurement tools in executive coaching to assure positive outcomes.

In our discussion, Lynn talks about the importance of constantly measuring what we as therapists are doing, paying attention to outcomes, trusting our unconscious minds, “indirectly” directing sessions, getting people to be less rigid, the difference between being a “farmer” and a “hunter” in the therapy room, and his time interacting with Steve DeShazer and Milton Erickson. For more information on Lynn and his work, check out his website at drlynnjohnson.com


  1. What a delightfully human conversation. I loved the stories from the old geezer, and appreciated his peaceful lack of need to have an opinion. Thank you both.

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