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MJ-cropy name is Paul J. Leslie. I am an author, psychology professor, workshop presenter and licensed psychotherapist residing in Aiken, South Carolina. I am passionate about helping others change their limiting life patterns and find the inner resources needed to live more satisfying and meaningful lives.

My intention for this site is to explore ideas and facilitate discussion for therapists who are interested in brief, effective and transformational therapies that focus on the potential that each client brings to his or her therapy session. I encourage therapists to consider moving away from limiting problem focused, disease models of client interaction and instead become open to a resource directed, strengths based approach to healing.

You can engage in the dialogue by subscribing, reading regularly, and leaving feedback to encourage discussion.  I’m glad you’re here.  Thank you for visiting.

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  1. I so agree with everything you say. Of course I live in the heart of the medical world here in Boston and so any of us that think differently are immediately suspect and have to be careful to choose our words carefully
    The deeply entrenched belief in the current prevailing models of healing.represented by DSM V and ICD Codes and the methods and rituals of investigation from which they emanate that lead are part of the rituals that compose the prevailing religion of our day. The new sacred texts are those of the AMA and APA

    1. Yes, unfortunately that can be the case in many places. The innate wisdom of healing that we all carry within us has often been usurped by a focus on behavior as pathology with pharmaceutical cocktails as the main source of treatment. I am optimistic about the future as I believe we can move closer to viewing therapy as a powerful vehicle for transformation instead of being regulated to the realm of diagnostic illness.

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