Unlimited Resources

Unlimited Resources COVER

This book presents a framework for psychotherapists on how to direct their therapy sessions toward a focus on client strengths and resources instead of an excessive focus on problem investigation and client pathology. Practical examples and guidelines are supplied which give the therapeutic practitioner simple methods for accessing and implementing resource directed ways of working.

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Potential Not Pathology: Helping Your Clients Transform Using Ericksonian Psychotherapy

This book is designed to assist counselors who would like to use and understand the psychotherapeutic strategies of Milton Erickson but often find it confusing, intimidating or unrealistic. Using colorful case studies and stories told in everyday language, this work will educate and help professionals in being able to understand how to adapt and apply creative and resourceful therapy interventions based on the concepts of Ericksonian psychotherapy. It will also assist clinicians and therapists in easily implementing the concepts of Ericksonian psychotherapy into their work in order to energize and revitalize their therapy sessions. Subjects explored include client resistance and client potential, the role of imagination and playfulness in the therapeutic work, and the healing possibilities hidden within stories and metaphors.

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The Year Living Magically: Practical Ways to Create a Life of Spirit, Wonder, and Connection

living magically-coverThe Year of Living Magically is a book designed for those who want to learn to approach the world from a perspective of interconnection and wonder. By emphasizing the integral foundation of the natural world, this work guides readers through simple, practical exercises to enable them to embrace both the material and spiritual realms of life. Using insights from psychology, neuroscience, and the world’s esoteric traditions, this book invites readers to consider moving away from a strict, materialistic consumerism way of living in favor of a “magical life” in which creativity and enchantment abound

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Low Country Shamanism

“Low Country Shamanism” presents an overview of the esoteric practices of the art of Hoodoo, also called “Conjure”, as practiced in the coastal areas of North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. This book examines the historical background of the shamanic magical and healing practices of the traditional low country “root doctors” as well as offering personal narratives from modern day hoodoo/conjure practitioners and those influenced by the art.

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Get Out of Your Seat!: An Average Passenger’s Guide to Overcoming Airline Terror

Co-authored with a counter-terrorism trainer, “Get Out of Your Seat!: An Average Passenger s Guide to Overcoming Airline Terror” is the first book written about the physical and psychological aspects of airline safety for the everyday traveler. In this book you will learn easy and natural ways to defend yourself and confront any fear or apprehension you may have in dealing with the unseen dangers of air travel.

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