New Book Now Available!

My latest book, Unlimited Resources: Simple and Easy Ways to Find, Access, and Utilize Client Strengths and Resources to Facilitate Change, is now available.

Unlimited Resources COVER

I wrote this book for psychotherapists who are interested in directing their therapy sessions toward a focus on client strengths and resources instead of an excessive focus on problem investigation and client pathology. I offer case studies, transcripts, and practical examples to give therapists and coaches simple methods for implementing resource directed ways of working.

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New Book

I am very excited about my new book, “Potential Not Pathology: Helping Your Clients Transform Using Ericksonian Psychotherapy“,  coming out in a couple of weeks. I wrote this book for therapists looking for some interesting ideas to play with in their practices. The work of Dr. Milton Erickson has always been fascinating to me since I first heard about him almost 20 years ago. After writing this book I can honestly tell you that even though I feel I know a little more than I did, Erickson is still a mystery to me in so many ways.   Apparently even people who studied directly with him feel the same way.

Erickson was able to create change in a masterfully indirect way. He saw each patient as an individual who only needed  certain resources and experiences to be able to live a happier life. He did not view a patient’s condition as a state of pathology. He did not think people were “sick”. He was a master therapist who was committed to doing whatever he needed in order to  guide his patients toward a healthier way of being in the world. I agree with  Gregory Bateson who called him “the Mozart of psychotherapy”.

It is my greatest wish that this book inspires therapists to move away from limiting disease based models of therapy and instead embrace a resource directed approach to finding the potential in every human being.