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Our bodies have evolved and developed to deal with the various changes that occur in our lives. But sometimes those changes can bring us unwanted stress. While small amounts of stress are quite normal and our bodies are capable of coping with this stress, large amounts of constant stress can compromise our mental outlook. The amount of constant stress in a person’s life can cause anxiety and stress when they lower their self-esteem.

Feelings of depression can also occur due to excessive stress that we need to overcome. While there are therapies and medications that can treat full-blown anxiety disorders, you may want to practice some techniques for dealing with anxiety and stress.

This method is not a substitute for skilled medical advice or medicine.

They are ways that you can try and reduce your anxiety and stress. For people with anxiety disorders, the best treatment you can get is from your doctor.

Techniques for controlling your anxiety and stress include the following. Be flexible in your life. Accept what you can and can’t change. Enjoy laughing, watching funny movies, telling jokes or even reading comics. Learn to breathe slowly and deeply from your diaphragm. Pace yourself in what tasks you do, delegate to other tasks you may be too many to accomplish, and learn to say “no.”

Understand that everyone makes mistakes.

Accept that perfection is impossible and that trying to achieve that goal will only make you miserable. Have fun playing with friends, family and any pets you have. Having fun is a natural way to lower your body’s anxiety and stress. Another way to have fun is by doing sports. Exercise produces endorphins, which are natural pain killers and pleasure producers.

Make sure your diet is healthy and delicious. Try and avoid foods and drinks that create anxiety and stress hormones. Coffee, tea, alcohol, and cigarettes may be fun but they can increase your stress levels.

Share your problems with people you can trust and who can help put things into perspective. Just handling life’s burdens can make anxiety and stress sufferers worse. Hence solve your problem one by one. Try not to let them pile up until they look amazing. Set goals that you can easily reach. This way you will not get discouraged and stressed out because of the many problems you face.

Finally accept that everything and everyone in life changes. Sometimes this change is good and other times it is painful. No matter what the result is you need time to adjust to these changes and what they bring to your life. By saving time to adjust you can reduce the anxiety and stress that will result from new events in your life. Don’t let anxiety and stress get you down, go out and have fun and enjoy life – after all you only live once.