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Embracing a resource directed approach to psychotherapy

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Hi, Im Dr. Lee a licensed Psychotherapist my intention for this site is to explore ideas and facilitate discussion for therapists who are interested in brief, effective and transformational therapies that focus on the potential that each client brings to his or her therapy session. I encourage therapists to consider moving away from limiting problem focused, disease models of client interaction and instead become open to a resource directed, strengths based approach to healing.



Becoming a Psychologist: Pros and Cons

Thinking of getting into psychology? Great idea! Psychology is something that is quite interesting and a little mysterious. Have you ever wondered how a psychologist can tell you everything about you? It’s not mystery or fantasy, it’s just science! And you…

Psychological Development

Psychology as a science developed with close relationships with other sciences, but the greatest influence it suffered was in the sociological sciences. A person is a product of himself and the way in which his environment affects him. In all theoretical models of…

Get Rid of Your Anxiety and Stress

Our bodies have evolved and developed to deal with the various changes that occur in our lives. But sometimes those changes can bring us unwanted stress. While small amounts of stress are quite normal and our bodies are capable of coping with this stress, large…

Ready to Make a Change?

I see too many good therapists who could be amazing therapists if they would just allow themselves to be more creative in their work.