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Hi, Im Dr. Lee a licensed Psychotherapist my intention for this site is to explore ideas and facilitate discussion for therapists who are interested in brief, effective and transformational therapies that focus on the potential that each client brings to his or her therapy session. I encourage therapists to consider moving away from limiting problem focused, disease models of client interaction and instead become open to a resource directed, strengths based approach to healing.

Pathology and Casino Poker Chips – Is There a Connection?

The subject of gambling addiction and pathology is one that has occupied many minds but it is a touchy subject. For myself and my family, we have always considered ourselves thrifty and responsible. My brother and I were careful to always shop at local retail stores only when we were shopping and making purchases for our own use; never for a stranger’s use. Our sense of obligation and accountability made sense and it was also built into our personal sense of pride as people who were thrifty. Now in today’s society with all of the consumerism, preoccupation with self-image, and “me-too” culture; one would wonder if there are any boundaries anymore and where they are.

Many may consider that a quick trip to the local legalized gambling arena and that high stakes table games at those places somehow invalidate the idea of high stakes or gambling addiction. This argument, while respectable on some level, misses the mark on several levels. While the concept of pathology and gambling addiction can certainly be tied into a person’s personal and professional failures at work or in their social circles; the idea that there can be an acceptable level of gaming and gambling addiction where licensed and regulated licensed casinos at https://カジノ exist is not only logical but perhaps the logic of the matter is more valid than most realize.

It would be hard for me to deny that some people have an addiction to poker chips, air hockey tables, a roulette wheel, or poker chips in general. However, it would be equally hard to find that those same individuals have an addiction to either alcohol or cigarettes or drugs or even food. Is it not much easier to find a place to play a game where you can purchase a pack of cigarettes and a beer instead of driving around aimlessly in your car looking for a game? That is the logic of the problem and why so many will continue to spend their money and time at the local licensed gambling establishments.



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Ready to Make a Change?

I see too many good therapists who could be amazing therapists if they would just allow themselves to be more creative in their work.